In recent years, Ocil’s services have transformed into true specializations that are perceived as very complete and reliable by our clients. Here you will find an overview of our expertises.

OCIL Premiums Specialization®

The best way to transport premiums around the world and get them to the right business partner on time. Based on our usp's Reliabilty and World-Wide coverage.

OCIL (NON) FOOD / BULK / PROJECT Specialization®

OCIL is very experienced in arranging the transportation of bulk liquids in (aseptic) flexitank (non-hazardous products also NFC juices) + ISO tankcontainers (hazardous and non-hazardous products).

For many years OCIL arranges the (worldwide) transport of NFC (orange) juices in aseptic irradiated flexitanks in 20ft drybox containers! For more info please contact our office.

OCIL also experienced in arranging bulk liquids like organic sunflower and canola oils in drybox, iso tanks and flexitanks.

For your project cargoes OCIL is your right partner.

Here too, our USP’s reliability and World-wide coverage are of great importance.

OCIL Cyprus Specialization®

For years, Ocil has been the best partner for Weekly groupage to Cyprus. Price and speed are our most important assets. We will lead you the way to excellent Logistics.



You are looking for professional import and export solutions that may be provided by boat or plane. Ocil offers many very reliable solutions around the world that have proven their existance in the past 50 years. Ask for the possibilities. Direct railservice China-Europe LCL & FCL

EU Groupage 24/7 Specialization®

The European mainland is our backyard. For flawless groupage solutions per truck or train that works well 24 hours a day you can come to Ocil. The price and speed are the proof of our excellent services for many years now.