About Ocil

high-end expediting around the globe
Ocil has been active worldwide since 2008 as a pro-active forwarding agent with the presence of over 50 years of experience in its team and extensive knowledge of certain niche markets. Despite the high degree of automation within the organization, Ocil believes that providing high quality logistics solutions is a matter for and especially between people.


With its extensive network, Ocil is able to establish high-quality supply chains in the farthest corners of the world because it fully embraces the world of its customers. This way, privacy can be handled professionally and the characteristics of loads that it moves around the world.


By deploying a very strong global network and up-to-date automation, it is possible to leave space in planning so that it can be well-informed when the situation demands it.

The Ocil Matra is like this: empathize | anticipate | deliver


The Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version, including the arbitration clause, filed by FENEX with the court registry (registries) at the District court(s) in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem), are applicable to all our activities. These conditions can be downloaded here: